Tip of the Day: Postage Increase

I thought it my domestic duty to inform you that you’ll be needing to update your stamp stash in your desk drawer soon.  Yes, the good old Postal Service has decided that it’s again time for a raise in rates.  Starting May 11th the new rates will be in effect…

Postcard $0.28
1 oz. or less $0.44
2 oz. or less (most wedding invitations) $0.61

Here are some of the new stamps they’re releasing…

postage-changeAnd brides, I’m sorry to say you’ll be stuck with these unless you go for personalized stamps; they’re getting rid of the heart stamps.

weddingpostageOr if you’re really into it, you can order Personalized Freedom stamp!  Here’s the clip from the press release…

“Whether it’s for business or personal correspondence, the way you send your mail sends a message. Make an impression with this new Forever personalized stamped envelope. You can include your name, your company’s name, address, and even a short message or slogan as part of the personalization. There’s lots of extra convenience with personalized stamped envelopes, and no need to affix postage or type in your name and return address. This envelope is available only through the Personalized Stamped Envelope Program. Call 1 800-STAMP-24 to order.”


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