Oscar Dining

bestpicturemenus09_mainGreetings from Vegas  (I think I forgot to mention we’re here visiting friends for the weekend) – I only have two seconds to post and couldn’t help but share this link for Best Picture Nomiated Film Inspired Menus from Epicurious.com.  If your invitation got lost in the mail (like mine) check out their tips for great ideas for Oscar party entertaining on Sunday!

I’m feeling really into the Chocolate Apricot Kugelhupf, but mostly because I loved The Reader.  If you’re into being on the winning team, go for the Scalloped Potatoes with Coconut Milk and Chilies since it looks like it is going to walk in the park for the cast of Slumdog.

And though the TV takes care of most of the “entertaining” on Oscar night, much like the Superbowl, a litle healthy competition never hurts.  Print out ballots and make your picks for each of the gold statue wins – award the guest with the most correct bets with a bottle of champagne.


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