Tip of the Day: Saving Oversalted Food

2313836162_7444d0e9a1Everyone has had a disaster in the kitchen at one time or another. Even the most experienced cook can be distracted and add too much salt, forget to set the timer, or omit a crucial ingredient. If you accidentally over-salt a dish while it’s still cooking, you might be able to save it.

If you’re making a soup or sauce, drop in a peeled potato and most of the time it will absorb the excess salt for an instant ‘fix-me-up.’  The downfall is this only works when making something fairly liquidy… So, lesson learned, never measure or pour the salt directly from the container over your cooking dinner pot!


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One response to “Tip of the Day: Saving Oversalted Food

  1. Neighbor Nancy

    Great idea.

    The only hint I heard about over salting?
    Double the rest of the recipe. Always works. The question is do you have enough ingredients, sanity or freezer space to double, triple, etc. the recipe?

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