In Print: Clips from Food Sections

44989116-101606095. – The Boston Globe Yes We Can “In the summer, it’s easy to jump on the locavore bandwagon.  In the winter, however, even the most committed New Englander could be forgiven for falling off that wagon. People cite deeply felt reasons for becoming locavores, or those who choose to eat food grown and produced in the region where they live.”

4. – The Chicago Tribune Romance on a Budget: A Valentine Menu for All “Valentine’s Day has gotten hit by hard times, and we’re not just talking about the recession. Many of us have become cynical about this holiday of love, particularly when it comes to food.”

3. – The LA Times Nutty for Nutella “Do a Google search for “Nutella,” the Italian hazelnut-chocolate spread that comes in a squat jar like peanut butter and is often found right next to it in grocery aisles, and you’ll get about 5 million results. Which is about twice what you get when you Google “chocolate chip cookies” — and several times as many as the phrase “Valentine’s Day chocolates.” You might want to remember that this weekend.”

2. – The NY Times Recession Etiquette: At Business Meals, Who Pays the Tab “That fear is being felt to varying degrees at restaurants where the bottom line is bolstered by expense accounts. At Michael’s in Manhattan, some patrons who used to come in for lunch three times a week are now down to two visits, according to the general manager, Steve Millington. They are passing up extras like bottled water and rarely ordering both an appetizer and a dessert. And, he said, the number of customers at breakfast — which is about 40 percent cheaper than lunch — has increased 20 percent.”

1. – The Washington Post Sometimes, Love Means Having to Say ‘Separate Menus, Please “He also has been using the newly available Old Tom and has resurrected the Martinez. Yet while Brown has nailed the historical accuracy, he also insists that the martini is not a historical document. ‘It’s intellectually interesting,” he says. “But on a certain level, who cares? Does it or does it not make a good cocktail?’ ”

photo from The LA Times


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