Tip of the Day: Keeping Fresh Flowers Fresh

One of my pet peeves is having a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers that look beautiful upon arrival and like crap the next day.  It makes you wonder if the roses were in a refrigerator so cold they froze or if the grocery store pealed off the brown petals to make them look fresh.


Here are my tips for prolonging the life of cut flowers…

  1. Use a sharp knife to trim flower stems on a diagonal as soon as possible – don’t use scissors, they pinch together too many of the vascular tubes the flowers use to drink water and nutrients.
  2. Fill your kitchen sink with tepid water and put in one pack of Floralife (or a similar commercial floral preservative).  Float the flowers in the sink for 30 minutes to hydrate the stems, leaves and blossoms.
  3. Remove all but the upper leaves from each stem.  Foliage left in the water deteriorates quickly and will not only cause the flowers to reek, but pollutes the drinking water for the flowers.
  4. Fill a vase with water and put in more of the floral preservative.
  5. Arrange blossoms in the vase.  Cut off any dead or tightly closed buds – they leach nutrients from healthy blooms.
  6. Change the water mixture daily.
  7. Enjoy your beautiful blooms!

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One response to “Tip of the Day: Keeping Fresh Flowers Fresh

  1. Wow, really helpful tips. I’ve had so many problems with this in the past. Thanks!

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