Treats from Paris

Erin came back to the office last with a plethora of treats from Paris and I can’t help but to show how beautiful the food goodies are…

These are Pates de Fruits from The Galleries Lafayette gourmet grocery store in the basement level of their Galleries Homme (men’s store) in the Opera district of Paris.  Erin had first stopped at a shop that only made Pates de Fruits only to discover they were selling them for $60 a pound!  These are quite possibly my favorite indulgence when it comes to candy.  I love the concentrated flavor and the smooth texture.

I’ve made Passion Fruit Gelees on a couple of occasions and find this is the best recipe to use without making a special trip to a baker’s supply store…


The only request I made when finding out Erin was going to Paris was the Pates de Fruits, but she surprised me with a beautiful little box full of macarons from Laduree Patisserie that were to die for!   If you’re interested in making homemade macarons, this is by far the best method/recipe I’ve seen…



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3 responses to “Treats from Paris

  1. Erin

    Wow! That’s one sweet business partner you have!

  2. OMG! Those macaroons: they bring so many great memories from my trip to Paris. The entire 3 days my sister kept on telling me that we HAD to go to Lauduree: and when we finally did, I knew why: amazingly beautiful place with such great treats!

    I promise to make these some day.

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