In Print: Clips from Food Sections

salt19015. – The Baltimore Sun Michelle Obama’s Birthday Cake Made by Baltmore Chef “Michelle Obama’s 45th birthday cake was mixed, baked and iced in the heart of Baltimore – in a cinder-block east-side building, next to a sheet-metal factory, a few blocks north of Pulaski Highway. Longtime Donna’s baker Sabine Breitenstein did the honors – though she had no idea at the time that it was an honor. She was just baking, as she’s done for more than 15 years.”

4. – The Chicago Tribune What we eat on Super Bowl Sunday “Foods that increase in consumption on Super Bowl Sunday compared with other Sundays…”

3. – The Boston Globe Dining at Green U “We’ve heard a lot about the green restaurant movement recently. Local universities, which feed large numbers of students daily, are also working to be more environmentally friendly. Boston University, for example, recently hired Kelly Dunn to be the sustainability coordinator for the school’s dining services, a newly created position. We spoke with her about compostable spoons, students’ concerns, and her job, which she started in October.”

2. – The NY Times Throwing the Book at Salt “When the food company executives had finished lunch, Dr. Frieden made his pitch: Over the next five years, identify the foods that are contributing the most sodium to people’s diets and cut the level of salt by 25 percent. In a decade, cut it by another 25 percent. And do it in unison with your competitors. If they refuse? “If there’s not progress in a few years, we’ll have to consider other options, like legislation,” he said in an interview last week.”

1. – The Washington Post Home Field Advantage “Nearly a decade ago, my problem wasn’t wanting to cook or choosing what to cook; it was getting people to come over. Approaching a bunch of single guys straight out of college with the prospect of a dinner party was awkward at best. Besides, Friday nights were for cabs and bars and house parties whose only culinary attraction might be a sheet pan of Jell-O shots.”

photo from The NY Times


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