In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Boston Globe Healthy Respect “Peruse the shelves of a grocery store and you will find cereal that contains goji berries, energy drinks made from goji berries, goji berry supplements, and straight-up bags of goji berries. Shriveled and small, the pink of pencil erasers, goji has been anointed a “superfood,” one in a line of fruits touted for their health-boosting powers: the acai berry, the pomegranate, the mangosteen, Tahitian noni.'”

4. – The Chicago Tribune Fat: Daring new book salutes a misunderstood nutrient “First, the bad news: Global warming is coming. The bees are disappearing. And now your 401(k) is battling the Dow in a financial limbo contest. How low can you go? But now, the good news: FAT IS BACK!”

3. – The Baltimore Sun Minding your manners while sipping soup “I have downed a lot of soup in my time. But until recently, when I became schooled on soup etiquette by reading a variety of soup Web sites, the best being Soupsong, I was unaware of the fine points of genteel soup sipping.”

2. – The NY Times No-Knead Dough Again – This time, for pizza “im Lahey, whose no-knead bread was made famous in this article by Mark Bittman, has adapted it for pizza dough. Mr. Lahey’s pizzeria, Co., opened recently in Chelsea.”

1. – The Washington Post Meals with a Message “Earlier, Waters spoke to the crowd about her hopes beyond the inauguration. ‘Maybe we need to organize a permanent farmers market in Washington,’ she said. ‘A place where fresh food is always available.’ The idea drew cheers.”

photo from The LA Times


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