In Print: Clips from Food Sections

444971735. – The Boston Globe What a Deal “When the economy started looking bleak, restaurants around town began instituting dining deals. These days you’d be hard pressed to find an establishment that doesn’t have one, often named something as subtle as ‘economic stimulus menu.'”

4. – The Chicago Tribune Obama Fest! A party menu of global proportions “Obama! O party! Whether you decide to toot for the next president over the weekend or on Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, dust off the chafing dishes, unwrap the paper plates and freeze up plenty of ice. It’s going to be a historic blowout.”

3. – The LA Times The First Suppers: A Tradition of Inaugural Meals “The inaugural menu is based on what supposedly were some of Lincoln’s favorite foods, and even the inaugural china is a replica of that used in the Lincoln White House. Despite these connections, let’s hope that Obama’s inaugural meal does not duplicate Lincoln’s first, which turned into a food fight.”

2. – The NY Times Chefs Settle Down in ‘the Real D.C.’ “Ms. Clark, a veteran of seven restaurant openings, knows there is great opportunity in being an urban pioneer. For seven years, she ran the tiny Colorado Kitchen in Brightwood, a predominantly black neighborhood in the far northern reaches of the city. It was, she said, the first sit-down restaurant the area had seen in 20 years. Before she closed it last summer, she would see young tattooed emo-rockers sitting next to well-dressed church ladies, everyone enjoying the fresh donuts and cornflake-crusted pork chops.”

1. – The Washington Post Area Restaurants have Reservations about the Inauguration “Every local business is bracing for the crowds. But for restaurants, where even a normal night can require an intricate dance of planning and ordering, the inauguration poses thorny challenges. Traffic snarls and ever-changing security restrictions will prevent daily deliveries of fresh produce, meat and celebratory champagne, just as demand peaks. Ordering in advance won’t necessarily help. Most restaurants don’t have the space to store enough extra supplies. Besides, chefs know five-day-old fish isn’t exactly going to wow the crowds.”

photo from The LA Times


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