Culinary Resolutions for 2009


Luke over at came up with a great idea of putting together a simple list of recipes, restaurants and food  to try this coming year.  I love lists and obviously, I love food so what’s better than an inspired list to aspire to completing in 20o9?  

Here goes:

  • bake more pastry – especially breakfast pastry
  • learn to sous vide
  • experiment with cooking whole fish
  • dry all my own herbs from the garden
  • improve my photography skills
  • use all the random chutneys, jams, sauces and canned gourmet goodies in my cupboards
  • cut down on the number of culinary magazines that arrive on my doorstop every month
  • more posts on home keeping and domestic-ness! 

What are some of your culinary resolutions for 2009?



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7 responses to “Culinary Resolutions for 2009

  1. I think my biggest culinary resolution for 2009 is to try making as many new things as possible, and continue making most of my food homemade.

  2. Fun!! Mine is to finally try making the Smith Island Cake (one that is notorious for taking a long time to make!).

  3. Ann

    I want to make the Smith Island Cake, too! It looks so delicious. I may make it in February.

    My real resolution is to try new international recipes, which is part of my bigger resolution to learn more about different countries as a whole. So, I started a new blog where I focus on the aspects of different destinations that interest me… and only post about one destination at a time. Over the course of two weeks. It’s all very methodical over here.

    Of course, trying the new recipes is the most fun. So far, I’ve made Hungarian Goulash and though I only planned on making one dish per destination I blog about, I’ve already also made Paprika Chicken and will make Hungarian Butter Cookies tonight. I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with this.

    Wow. Three new-to-me recipes and it’s only January 8… I’m doing pretty good!

  4. Ann

    Yikes! Just realized how long my comment was and I didn’t even finish. I wanted to ask, which magazines do you want to keep subscriptions to?

  5. Carrie

    #1 culinary resolution is to revisit the Sunday night dinner. Cooking something beautiful, fresh and new for friends at least 2 sundays a month. Ill practice on y’all soon – you can make the pastry desert! Happy new year, doll!

  6. The magazine subscriptions I want to keep are:
    Delicious (Australian and fabulous)
    Donna Hay (also Australian)
    Food & Wine
    Martha Stewart Living
    Cooks Illustrated

    (there are so many more, but I promised my husband I would cut back!)

  7. Ann

    I need to try out Cooks Illustrated. I like the reader’s digest sized Martha Stewart magazine. But, I don’t buy it, as most of the recipes are on her website.

    May also want to look at the Australian magazines, just to see some nice variety.

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