Don’t Forget: Tomorrow is St. Nicholas Day!

susan-sealsDon’t forget to leave out your stockings or your shoes as tonight’s the night St. Nicholas comes…

As children we always celebrated St. Nicholas Day – just sometimes it was on December 5 and sometimes December 6 – my mom could never remember which day it was!  So on the eve of which ever day she thought it was that year, we’d leave out our shoes and in the morning, they’d be on our chair at breakfast filled with nuts, coins and candy.

Here’s a little history of this religious holiday… Traditional celebrations of St. Nicholas Day in Northern Europe included gifts left in children’s shoes (the origin of our American Christmas Stockings).  Good children receive treats – candies, cookies, fruit, nuts, while naughty children receive lumps of coal.  Sometimes coins were left in shoes, reminiscent of the life-saving dowries he once provided.  Today, especially in families of German descent, children still put a shoe outside their bedroom doors on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, and expect to find candy and coins in the morning.

To learn all about St. Nicholas click here.

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