37 Things to do with Leftover Turkey


Thanksgiving dinner is over and you have a mountainous heap of leftover turkey. What can you do with it? After all, you couldn’t possibly eat turkey sandwiches for two weeks straight. McCormick & Schmick’s serves more than 37,000 pounds of turkey nationwide, posing the inevitable post-Thanksgiving question,” What do I do with all this leftover turkey?” McCormick & Schmick’s regional chef Tony Marcello has done the thinking for you and come up with 37 creative uses for the rest of your bird.   

  1.  Thanksgiving dinner, take 2 – throw the previous evening’s turkey, stuffing and veggies in the broiling pan.
  2.  Divide the leftovers with your guests as a take home gift.
  3. Use it in lasagna for a healthy alternative to ground beef or sausage.
  4.  Hide it in chili.
  5.  Make a good old-fashioned comfort-food hot dish, complete with cream of something soup.
  6. Make a turkey pot pie.
  7.  Boil the bones to make a delicious turkey stock to use later for soups and stews.
  8.  Use the turkey stock for turkey soup.
  9. Create turkey omelets.
  10. Use it as a topping on bruschetta.
  11. Turkey sandwiches for bagged lunches.
  12.  Try it in tacos.
  13. Give your dog or cat a special treat.
  14.  Have a post-Thanksgiving party and ask your friend to come up with creative turkey recipes that they bring to the party; award a prize.
  15. Turkey jerky.
  16.  Doggie bags for friends, neighbors and extended family.
  17. Make turkey tetrazzini or any pasta for that matter – turkey makes a great substitute for chicken in just about any dish.
  18. Don’t forget to break the wishbone and make a wish.
  19. Serve open-faced hot turkey and gravy sandwiches.
  20. Send the leftovers with your son who lives in a fraternity.
  21. Slice it and freeze it for a wonderful warm up supper in January.
  22. Turkey pizza with sundried tomatoes and lots of cheese.
  23. Toss turkey into a salad.
  24. Make turkey curry.
  25. Host a leftover turkey eating contest.
  26. Top it with your favorite sauce – cheese, Hollandaise, catsup, barbeque, etc.
  27. Make turkey hash for a day after turkey breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  28. Create Mexican inspired turkey enchiladas that won’t remind everyone of the turkey dinner the night before.
  29. Turkey Noodle Soup.
  30. Instead of chicken salad sandwiches, opt for turkey salad.
  31. Leftover Holiday Turkey Gumbo.
  32. Stuff peppers or zucchini with turkey.
  33. Turkey nachos for game day.
  34. Make a delicious and easy Creamy Turkey Melt.
  35. Try an Asian or Chinese inspired dish such as turkey chow mein.
  36.  Make one of these delicious turkey dishes and bring it to a neighbor.
  37. If you can’t face the turkey any longer, come into McCormick & Schmick’s and opt for a great non-turkey meal with our fresh seafood selections.  (Hah!)


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2 responses to “37 Things to do with Leftover Turkey

  1. anika

    thank god! I was just trying to figure out how to hide some of the leftover MOUNTAIN of turkey in dinner tonight.

  2. Blogging its like game more you play like it more.

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