Turkey Day Countdown: Cabbage & Kale

I love to include the unusual whenever possible in flower arrangements.  From fruits to feathers to pebbles, these non-flowers are quite visually appealing when used as part of an arrangement.  Cabbage and kale are two of my absolute favorite things to include in cold weather bouquets.  You might remember this arrangement I did for Thanksgiving last year that was made up of feathers and flowers and ornamental kale.

thanksgivingflowersSo, I was very excited to see a floral segment on Martha Stewart Living last week where they made arrangements with grapes and cabbage and kale!  The directions are available online here.  And the best part of using these hardy garden dwellers is they’ll last for week!




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2 responses to “Turkey Day Countdown: Cabbage & Kale

  1. Jackie

    Sarah – where do you suggest getting the cabbage for an arrangement? Any place in Gtown?

  2. Hi Jackie-

    I’d start by emailing Susan at Heavenly Hydrangea’s… she’s great and always has beautiful flowers.

    The website is http://www.heavenlyhydrangeas.com

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