Turkey Day Countdown: Gobble Gobble

With just a week until the big day, if you haven’t reserved a turkey yet, you better get on it!  Here are a few local places that still had turkeys available as of Wednesday afternoon:

  • Briars Farmstead – Pasture-raised Broad-Breasted Whites, 10-25 pounds, $5.25/lb, Pickup at the farm Nov. 25-26, 9 a.m.-6 p.m, 2535 Pyletown Rd., Boyce, Virginia, 540-837-2554
  • Maple Lawn Farms – Free-range Broad-Breasted Whites, 10-45 pounds, $1.75-$1.95/lb, Pickup at the farm Nov. 22-26, 11788 Route 216, Fulton, 301-725-2074, http://www.maplelawn.com
  • Smith Meadows Meats – Pasture-raised American Bronze heritage breed, 10-14 pounds, $4.25/lb, Pickup: Nov. 22 at the Arlington Courthouse, Chevy Chase, Del Ray and Falls Church markets; Nov. 23 at the Dupont Circle, Columbia Pike and Takoma Park markets, 568 Smithfield Lane, Berryville, Virginia, 877-955-4389, http://www.smithmeadows.com
  • BlackSalt Fish Market – Fresh (never frozen), hormone/antibiotic free, no preservatives, and “certified Humanely raised”, $3.99-$4.99/lb, Pick up at BlackSalt on Nov. 26, 202-342-9101, http://www.blacksaltrestaurant.com
  • Whitmore Farm –  Pasture-raised heritage breeds and Broad-Breasted Bronzes, 15-25 pounds, $4.50/lb, Pickup at the farm; call to arrange time, 10720 Dern Rd., Emmitsburg, Md. (north of Frederick), 301-447-3611, http://www.whitmorefarm.com

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