In Print: Clips from Food Sections


5. – The Boston Globe Kitchen Rookie’s Playbook “A quick-prep Thanksgiving may sound risky, but it’s well within reach, even for holiday-hosting newbies. Choose your tasks wisely. Pick an approachable menu. Call on a few shortcuts that don’t involve compromises. (Put down that box of powdered mashed potatoes!) And get the grocery shopping done two days in advance so you feel rested. Head straight for the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning and roll out this four-hour menu for 10, with leftovers, in a breeze (almost).”

4. – The Chicago Tribune A Feasible Feast “You don’t have to splurge on a fancy dinner to evoke the true spirit and foods of Thanksgiving past. You can still gather the family, however nuclear, around the table and give thanks for what you have and for being together and for pulling a wonderful meal together without getting crazed.”

3. – The LA Times How to Host a Successful Holiday Meal “Whenever I read one of those Thanksgiving stories about how wonderful it is to cook a fabulous meal for a huge crowd of friends and family, the first thing I think is, ‘How heartwarming! How generous!’ And then I wonder, ‘Don’t those people have jobs?’ “

2. – The NY Times Flavorful Gravy Makes Thanksgiving ” ‘People must understand, that is a labor of love,’ she said about boning turkeys and tending stockpots. ‘Flour, salt, pepper, love; those are the ingredients you need for gravy.’ “

1. – The Washington Post The Blended, Bountiful Table “Leaves swirl, ovens warm the kitchens and jewel-toned produce swells the farmers markets. Home cooks take it all in each fall . . . and start to fret. · Angst creeps into Food section readers’ calls and queries weeks before Thanksgiving. We understand, mostly. The holiday table can be too beige, brown and bland. It is an unwieldy roster of family favorites that don’t quite fit together or an overwhelming ode to carbohydrates. Vegetarians go on the defensive.”

photo from The NY Times

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