In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Chicago Sun-Times Tips for Hosting an At-Home Election Night Party “You’ve decided to host an at-home Election Night party over Tuesday’s stressful shindig at your favorite political party’s headquarters so you can sweat, cheer, curse or cry while watching election returns with intimate friends of similar political persuasion.  What to serve? Political correctness aside, you could settle on nuts as the appetizer, bologna sandwiches for dinner and Ding Dongs for dessert. Therein — given the present economic climate — is the perfect menu for Election Night.”

4. – The Chicago Tribune Gruesomely Good “What we’re talking about here is produce that’s scary looking, not scary tasting (like that time you popped a tablespoon of wasabi in your mouth because you thought it was guacamole?). In reality, many of these fearsome foodstuffs are teddy bears, tastewise, with pleasant flavors masked behind the lumps and bumps and creases. And we all know that produce delivers buckets of nutrition–a fact that can frighten some kids more than Freddy Krueger.”

3. – The LA Times Day of the Dead is a High-Spirited Affair “A mug of warm champurrado, a soul-satisfying chocolate drink thickened with masa. Tamales like cornhusk offerings, wrapped gifts for the hungry guests. Sugar-dusted loaves of pan de muerto, the bread decorated with “bones” formed of dough. A plate of turkey smothered in a spicy black mole, as dense and dark and mysterious as the coming night.”

2. – The NY Times Calories Do Count “When you’re young and tap dance for a living, you don’t have to think much about the caloric impact of your next meal. But when three performers who spent the day rehearsing for “Shrek the Musical” walked into a restaurant on 42nd Street recently, they saw on the menu that a Japanese-style beef bowl had 1,090 calories. They decided to head down the street for a salad.”

1. – The Washington Post A Culinary Proposal for Election Night Parties “Just about everybody has been swept up in the drama of Campaign 2008. Unfortunately, that includes the PR masterminds at restaurants, bars, bakeries and convenience stores. · I’ve had the chance to “cast my vote” by ordering Obamalettes or McCainlettes at Silver Diner; Jager Bamas (a combo of Red Bull and Jagermeister) or McHitos (basically a mojito) at Degrees, the bar at the Georgetown Ritz-Carlton. Bethesda’s Burger Joint invited me to “go with my gut” as I chose between the McCain Burger, topped with “South-west influences like poblano chili and chipotle peppers,” and the Obama Burger, stacked with — wait for it — “authentic Vienna beef hot dog imported from Chicago.””

photo from The Chicago Tribune


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  1. urbzen

    I always host my own election night party, partly because I enjoy entertaining, but mostly because I want to control the TV.

    For minimal prep time and maximum libations, I usually pre-mix cocktails in pitchers, and serve faux homemade treats, like this pizza margherita.

    Here are my recipes, let me know if you have others:

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