Merlot-to-Go at Proof

The DC City Council has passed legislation to allow diners to leave restaurants with their unfinished bottle of wine from dinner!

In celebration, Proof restaurant is offering its guests free doggy bags to ensure the safe and legal transport of their wine. In accordance with the Council’s legislation, Proof will reseal the bottle, attach a dated receipt and package the bottle in one of its wine doggy bags that have been outfitted with special adhesive seals.

The wine doggy bags are good news for patrons at this Penn Quarter wine-centric establishment who have come to enjoy Proof’s selection of over 1,100 different bottles.  While the law restricts customers to one partially consumed bottle of wine per person, it thus ensures that guests wishing to splurge on a special bottle of wine will be free to do so without pressure to finish off their purchase at dinner.  Know of other restaurants in the area also equipped and ready to send guests on their way with a wine doggy bag?  Let us know!

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