In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Boston Globe If they build it, will we come? “Today’s new restaurants are the results of yesterday’s plans, often budgeted for and mapped out years in advance. But as these places open, they need new strategies for hard times.”

4. – The Chicago Tribune Rising to the Task “Baking bread at home can be one of the most soulful, satisfying ways to spend an afternoon—especially when successes are shared at the dinner or breakfast table, or as gifts for neighbors and family.”

3. – The LA Times Political food for thought: Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin’s states bring a mix of flavors to the table “From the wilds of Alaska to Southwestern spices, from Chicago’s meaty fare to Delaware’s seafood, their regional ingredients can combine for a remarkable feast.”

2. – The NY Times Some Heavy Reading, Recipes Included “Once, all it took to cook like a chef was the nerve to push a live crayfish through a sieve. Now that the fall publishing season has delivered several hundred pounds of recipes from these international stars of molecular gastronomy, home cooks may want to prepare the kitchen with syringes, soy lecithin and a big bag of hero worship.”

1. – The Oregonian Getting into Sauerkraut “Slice cabbage. Add salt. Stay away for a really long time. Such is the mysteriously simple formula for homemade sauerkraut, the kind sold in crocks in old-fashioned German delis, eaten with abandon throughout Eastern Europe and that some remember as the smelly stuff Grandpa nursed along in the basement.”

photo from The NY Times

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