A Comforting Time at Urbana

A couple of weeks ago, The District Domestic had the pleasure of interviewing Chef Alex Bollinger of Urbana and just last week, my darling husband and I enjoyed a delicious dinner there.  From the cozy, but chic atmosphere in the bar, we were whisked away to comfy table tucked against a banquette in the dining room.

From delicious scallops (Given the breadth of seafood in this city, these suckers really hold their own!) to the “to-die-for” French onion soup to the roasted porterhouse for two the meal was a joy!  And the cocktails!  Ohh the cocktails were incredible! Mixologist Kevin Rogers wooed us over with his Autumn Harvest, made from crushed grapes, merlot grappa, apple cider, red wine, sparkling grape juice and Velvet Falermun.  It was so good I wanted to have another, but there was the Cucumber Smash (made from St. Germain, Square One Vodka, SoCo and mint) and the Dupont “Gin” Rickety (Knob Creek, honey syrup, lime juice, fresh ginger and soda) calling our names also!

And now that the weather is getting chillier, stop in for a drink after work – they’ve got a great Aperitif Hour from 4-7pm nightly.  Urbana is so cozy, you might be enticed to stay for dinner…

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