Tip of the Day: Roasting Pumpkins for Pie

So often canned pumpkin is the ubiquitious ingredient called for in pumpkin pie, which doesn’t come as much of a surprise as hacking and roasting a pie pumpkin can be a bit of a process.  Well, if you’ve never baked a pumpkin pie from scratch (and we’re talking roasting the pumpkin scratch), it’s really not that challenging for the perks you’ll get in flavoring it yourself.  I’m not the hugest fan of over-spiced fall recipes… There such a thing as too much clove, nutmeg and cinnamon and by roasting your own pumpkins for pie, this is something you can control.

Start by washing the pie pumpkin (a great variety for pies is Baby Pam) and then break off the stem and hack it in half.  Then scoop out the seeds.  Fill a 13×9″ pan with 1/4″ water.  Place pumpkins skin side up and roast at 400 degrees until very tender… This usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

Scoop the soft flesh from the skins and puree in a food processor with desired spices.  Use in the same porportions for pie as with a canned recipe.

Taste the difference!

Gewurz with a Baby Pam at my parent’s house



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8 responses to “Tip of the Day: Roasting Pumpkins for Pie

  1. cc

    Thanks! This recipe was just what I needed after receiving 2 sugar pumpkins from the CSA. I plan to freeze the excess…

  2. Jane

    After you puree, drain through a couple of layers of cheesecloth to get out the excess moisture.

  3. Multigrain

    This is the only way to go, I never ate pumpkin pie at thanksgiving and I just recently got a recipe for apple pumpkin harvest muffins… the store was out of canned pumpkin so i decided to try the real thing, WOW! sooooo good – and getting the seeds to roast is an extra bonus, my husband loves them!

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  6. pb

    Love the Lab–I must take a pic of mine with a pumpkin!

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  8. I LOVE this post! You inspired me to roast a couple sugar pumpkins I had picked up at the patch with the kids. It turned out so well, I created a blog post of my progress following the instructions on YOUR blog!! Don’t worry, I included TONS of links to your post and homepage. Maybe you’ll get a couple more hits from my little blog! 🙂 Here’s the page:


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