In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Boston Globe Plonkapalooza: Putting wines to the test “We are experiencing a Golden Age for the little wines of the world. Never have small producers of relatively modest wines had more access to markets, and never has so much of the produce of their vineyards and cellars been readily available to consumers.”

4. – The Chicago Tribune Far East Promise “The fertile plains of Xinjiang Province—closer in culture and geography to Istanbul than Beijing—have lured speculators since the days of the Silk Road. Nauleau is part of a new generation of adventurers who are gambling that this land can produce wine that is good enough to traverse the globe.”

3. – The Washington Post Making the Laundry List “Gaining admission to the French Laundry kitchen is the food equivalent of joining an exclusive club. Purveyors must attract the attention of French Laundry chefs, then survive intense hazing: questions about the taste and consistency of their product and the philosophy behind it. Once they’re in, the restaurant supports, even honors, its producers.”

2. – The NY Times As Checks Shrink, Restaurants Expand Their Hours “But without a doubt, Ms. Freeman and Mr. Meyer are also serving breakfast in an effort to squeeze a little extra profit out of their business. They are among a growing number of local restaurateurs seeking shelter from the economic storm by expanding their hours of service.”

1. – The Oregonian Growing Lunch “Mention school lunches, and it’s hard to find someone who’s not hungry for change. Maybe you can’t see, smell or taste it just yet, but the shape of public school meals is shifting, in the Portland area and beyond.”

photo from The Washington Post


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