In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Boston Globe A Feast of Flavors at Rosh Hashana “The Rosh Hashana cook faces the same dilemma each year: Do you introduce new dishes at the holiday table or stick with the tried and true? For the Jewish New Year, which begins Monday evening, there is usually a round challah to symbolize the eternal nature of life, and apple wedges to dip in honey as hope for a sweet year ahead. The rest of the meal depends on family culinary traditions – or not.”

4. – The Chicago Tribune The ABCs of Packing your Child’s Lunchbox “he beginning of the school year is a good time to assess how your children eat in those hours they are away from home. That’s difficult to know because what happens in the cafeteria, usually stays in the cafeteria. (Unless there is a massive food fight that requires a trip to the principal’s office. That you’ll hear about.) Regardless, many parents dutifully pack lunches and cross their fingers hoping the apple gets eaten.”

3. – The LA Times Chef Jose Andres Comes to Conquer LA with the Bazaar “Chef Andrés is scooping caviar onto slices of jamón ibéricojamón ibérico (ham from the black-footed pigs of Spain), rolling it up and placing it directly into their mouths.  “I’m feeding you one bite at a time,” Andrés tells the small crowd. It’s a line he uses often. Who knew he meant it literally?”

2. – The NY Times Modest Luxuries for Lean Times “Nowadays, the economy threatens from every possible angle, but the government has bigger things to bail out than our wine bills. Sure, a few financially invulnerable types may be left standing for whom the price is irrelevant, but for most people, price and value are especially important now.”

1. – The Washington Post Quick, Healthy Meals for Picky Eaters “Won’t try this, shouldn’t have that: A mom learns to maneuver around family meal challenges.”

photo from The NY Times


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