In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Boston Globe Secret Weapons “Hmm, that needs . . . something.” If you cook, it’s happened to you. You stick your finger in the pot for a taste, and when you look down at your feet, your socks are still firmly on. In such cases, many people have a secret ingredient they rely on to amp up flavor.”

4. – The Chicago Tribune Russian Renaissance “For more than a century, vineyards that blanket rolling uplands here in Russia’s prime winemaking region have been afflicted by a Soviet maxim long ago branded into the minds of local vintners.
More is better.
The Soviet Union was the world’s fourth largest wine producer after Italy, France and Spain, but the Soviets approached winemaking as if they were making wing nuts.”

3. – The LA Times Dry Sodas – Soft and Complex “Welcome to the age of the cocktail-hour dry soda. Small-batch fruit and herbal infusions, classic juice-based sparklers, even wine-flavored sodas are showing up at wine bars, cocktail lounges and specialty supermarkets.”

2. – The NY Times Superfood or Monster from the Deep? “Major food companies are competing for health-conscious consumers by plugging one food into another and claiming the health benefits of both.”

1. – The Washington Post They (Heart) DC “When Alain Ducasse’s new restaurant at the St. Regis opened last week, Tom Daschle was spotted on the first night. Comedian Chevy Chase popped in for lunch. Washingtonian magazine dining editor Todd Kliman was so excited about Adour that he wrote his first-ever “real-time restaurant review,” made up of more than 100 updates on Twitter, a micro-blogging service. The clear message: Alain Ducasse’s arrival in Washington is a big deal.”


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