One last summer cocktail!

With Labor Day quickly approaching, it’s time to hurry up and get those summer cocktails out of your system (along with the white shoes and seer-sucker).  While in Vermont a couple of weeks ago,  we had an incredible dinner at The Bearded Frog in Burlington.  I started off with one of their specialty cocktails, A Gin and Tonic with a refreshing twist – cucumbers with the necessary lime!  The result was the perfect drink – refreshing from the tonic and lime all while making me feel like I was drinking a spa healthy drink as a result of the cucumber infusion!

Try it – I promise, it’ G&T heaven!


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2 responses to “One last summer cocktail!

  1. How has time passed so quickly that it’s already time for summer’s end posts? I want the summer to start over again! aggh!

  2. I invented a summery drink (and posted it) just yesterday. Found you through the WordPress front page, so I just had to see yours.

    Mine is yet unnamed, so if you have an idea…
    You need a blender, 1c. vodka, 1c. OJ, 1/2 can cubed pineapples, a splash of whiskey sour, and ice.

    Very yum.

    And I refuse to believe it’s not summer anymore.

    /plugging ears and saying ‘la la la la’

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