An Evening of Polo

A while back I told you about Twilight Polo out in The Plains, Virginia… Well, this weekend we finally made it out there as I was a judge for the last Tailgate Competition of the summer. If you still haven’t been, you better hurry as time is running out. The last event for the year is on September 13. Click here for a complete schedule.

And I know you are dying to see the pictures from the tailgate competition… (which was incredible… and the prizes are even more incredible! So, get thinking and put together something great for next summer!)

In third place the Cody Lusk group…

and second place with a fabulous Olympic theme the Mapco Group…

and the winners, who had some of the most incredible food…

and the flamingo go-getters managed to walk away with the honorable mention.


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2 responses to “An Evening of Polo

  1. Dianne

    Sarah – how fun – sorry I missed it –
    What did they win???????

  2. Grand Prize was an overnight at The Middleburg Country Inn!

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