In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Boston Globe Eight Ways to Go for Gastronomic Gold “Regrettably, you can’t get a medal for watching television. Virtuous though it may feel to dive into the drama of 647 American athletes competing for global glory, you’re still perched on the couch, not the podium. Let them bring home the gold. You bring home the Chinese takeout.”

4. – The Chicago Tribune When in Italy, here’s how to eat real Italian food “There is beauty in the absurd, fine art on the ceilings, trained truffle dogs and a network that has formed of women like Ornella Marcante of Milan, who are determined to preserve an often overlooked, underappreciated and, many believe, disappearing form of Italian culture: the culture of real Italian food. ‘I am deeply convinced that one of the best things we have in Italy is our cooking,’ says Marcante, 48, married, with four children. ‘Italy is one of the few places in the world that you move 10, 20 miles and you eat something completely different.’ She goes on: ‘We have such an enormous tradition about the food and we have to absolutely preserve it.’ “

3. – The Denver Post Everything’s Different in Beijing, but the Divine Duck “So why don’t they call it Beijing duck? Why not? Nearly everything else has changed in China. My first recollection of Peking duck was in 1972 when Henry Kissinger did the diplomatic dance here with Chou En-lai They had Peking duck, and Kissinger loved it so much he was on the phone to President Nixon that night…”

2. – The NY Times A Craving for Riblet’s and Change at Applebee’s “At $18.99 for a couple of side dishes and a cut that might otherwise have ended up in the scrap heap, riblets are a sweet profit center. But Applebee’s can no longer stand on the riblet alone, nor on the dusty stained glass and vintage sports equipment motif that seemed so awesome in the 1980s, when the chain began plopping itself down in small towns and suburban parking lots. Ms. Stewart acknowledges that Applebee’s has not aged well, and that it has become indistinguishable from the other “apostrophe-s” restaurants like Chili’s or T.G.I. Friday’s. Above all, she and industry analysts agree, the menu has grown stagnant. Ms. Stewart is trying to steer Applebee’s into more adventurous waters.”

1. – The Washington Post Food Studies: The New Main Course “This Sunday, 80 Yale University freshmen will take their first step toward higher education. But there’ll be no reading list or, for that matter, showers. On the syllabus: digging up carrots, picking tomatoes and building chicken coops. The students, who make up 6 percent of the Class of 2012, are part of a pre-orientation program that lets students experience life on a family-owned organic farm. Once on campus, they will be able to register for any of this year’s 19 food and agriculture courses, such as the popular “Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food.” The number of food-related courses is up almost 50 percent from five years ago.”


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