An Afternoon at Shelburne Farms

Continuing my coverage of vacation last week in New England, here’s the recap from one of my favorite day trips…

Covering over 1,400 acres in Northern Vermont, this working farm is a must see for educators, gastronomes and vacationers alike! Established in 1886, Shelburne Farms was a model agricultural estate and the summer home of William Seward and Lila Vanderbilt Webb. In 1972, descendants of the family formed a nonprofit to inspire environmental stewardship, and inspired they have!

Visitors can hike miles of trails around the property or view workers making cheese from the milk of the 125 Brown Swiss cows that graze the property. For a romantic weekend get-away, you can stay at the Inn and feast on meals made from the organic produce grown in the Market Garden. And not to forget about the little tikes, Shelburne Farms is a great place for kids! They can pet farm animals, while learning how they contribute to the farm. There were even a litter of baby piglets rolling in the mud. Just before jumping on the tractor-pulled shuttle to head home, we swung in the bakery for a fresh batch of cookies and ran to the snack truck for delicious fresh-squeezed Arnold Palmers.

The influence of Fredrick Law Olmsted, one of the designers of the property is rejuvenating – the father of landscape architecture believed one should “walk slowly, breathe deeply and relax,” all things easily accomplished on the beautiful land surrounding the agricultural masterpiece!


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2 responses to “An Afternoon at Shelburne Farms

  1. I tried to go there last month when I was visiting the nearby Shelburne Museum for the day. Thought we could just pop in for lunch at the restaurant, but apparently not. Does one have to stay over at the inn in order to eat a meal there?

  2. Hi Charlotte-

    No, they don’t have to stay there… but reservations are a must!

    We didn’t make them in time and couldn’t get in for breakfast.

    Next time!

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