An Olympic Feast!

What better excuse to host a dinner party in front of the TV than the Olympics? Feast your senses on international cuisine by assembling the perfect smorgasbord of dishes from around the world. Your guests will be impressed by your culinary genius! And if you aren’t up to doing all the work yourself, turn it into a potluck by assigning each of your guests a country and letting them bring a dish to pass from there!

And if you’re looking to go really over the top, print out and make little flags for each dish out of wooden skewers. Number the backs of the flags, then give your guests blank sheets of paper to try and guess where they are all from. Have fun culinary gifts as prizes for the winners!

Here’s the menu from our party during the Opening Ceremony…

Click below for pictures of many of the featured dishes!

Chicken Satay from Thailand

Egg Rolls from South Korea

Fried Feta Salad from Greece

Naan and Hummus from India and Lebanon

Roti from India

Carbonara from Italy

Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding from France

Fortune Cookies from California (though we pretended they were from China)

Me preparing dinner

Some of the fun…


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