How to: Homemade Terrariums

On one of the overcast days last week, we scoured the woods for little pieces of moss and interesting ferns to bring the outside in by making miniature gardens. It’s really fun to search for the perfect inclusions and spend an afternoon getting dirty.

To start, gather a couple of interesting containers that you’d like to house your garden. Then grab a basket and a trowel and head to the woods in search of the perfect little plants

Upon returning with a full basket, begin by placing a few rocks in the bottom of your container to help control the amount of moisture, the fill with potting soil.

Next, lay out all your treasured finds so you can see what pieces are available while assembling your garden. Then begin to fill it in. I like to use different textures all around 1 or 3 focal points. Good examples of focal points are taller ferns and rocks or pieces of wood with moss growing on them.

Once your container is full, water well and let it begin to grow. Ferns and mosses like the ones you found in the woods like mostly shade and need to be well watered. I like to mist them frequently. Once your miniature garden gets too big, replant as regular houseplants and make a new one!

Happy Gardening!


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5 responses to “How to: Homemade Terrariums

  1. Amy

    Hi, I was interested in making a terrarium and was wondering if you knew what type of moss you had in these pictures. Especially the fuzzy ones. Thanks!

  2. nice hunting material, its great community

  3. Rev. Anthony

    What a wonderful hobby!! I just built my first terrarium, and it looks wonderful! It is so delightful to bring nature inside where my wife and I can enjoy it in all its splendor. My terrarium combines both aquarium and terrarium elements in one, so that I can have aquatic life and land based life in one!

  4. What a superb idea. They look relatively simple to do too which is always best for me! 🙂

  5. Josh

    I love doing this! It is so much fun and gives one the opportunity to grow closer with nature, and take nature anywhere, even to the office window. I made one for my moms office a couple months ago. They make great gifts because they are so beautiful and easy to take care of! Wonderful photography by the way! -josh

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