Horseradish is Healthy!

Did you know horseradish is a fantastic helper for fighting digestive disorders.  It is also a great immune system booster, giving the liver increased power to filter out harmful substances from foods.



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3 responses to “Horseradish is Healthy!

  1. Lyn

    Horseradish is great for clearing sinuses but I can’t handle much. Any idea how much you need to eat to get the nutitional benefits?

  2. Bob

    Sorry to be a smart ass but google?

  3. David Pham

    Laundry manganese and iodine. A glass of warm water to dissolve a pinch of potassium permanganate and a drop of iodine. Rinse three times a day.
    Wash the horseradish root, remove the top layer and Grate. One in three separate volumes are mixed with the juice of two or three lemons. If there is a thick mixture, which should be included in a half teaspoon in the morning one half hour drink it after eating. Treatment – 3-4 months. After two weeks leave, a course Monday. The procedure will take place two times a year – better than in spring and autumn. After 2 years of chronic sinusitis is gone.

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