Bee T-shirts for FREE!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about The Plight of the Honeybee and talked about ways to help prevent their dying off. Well, Haagen Dazs has sent some t-shirts my way to give out to readers. All you have to do is leave a comment with your favorite use for honey! Could be as a topper on ice cream, could be in cookies, could be in your tea – whatever it is, let us know. We will randomly pick a winner on Friday (the fourth of July) – so enter before 12:01am on July 4th and you could win one of the four shirts we have to give away!



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27 responses to “Bee T-shirts for FREE!

  1. Steve

    On my ice cream…..sure, in my hot tea…….great, but I prefer it right out of the jar, although, my wife is trying to break that habit.

  2. Mel

    I use it instead of sugar when baking bread. I also like it on my oatmeal.

  3. My favorite way to eat honey is right off the spoon!

  4. Evi

    Honey.. yum.. my top 3:

    3. On a wheat roll with salted butter. Preferably acacia or sunflower honey.
    2. With carrots, oriental style (cumin, ginger, cilantro).
    1. With cheese. Goat cheese maybe, something soft and savory at least…

    *gone to honey heaven*

  5. Meg

    I like to mix it with brown sugar and use it as a face scrub. Makes the skin uber soft.

    I also love to make roasted pecorino and honey crostini on fresh tuscan bread. Amazing!

  6. Pleasantly Polite

    I put honey in my drinks after a long run or bike ride! Honey helps to rejuvinate sore muscles and replenish the many nutrients and minerals lost during extreme exercise.

    It’s always been one more reason to excercise!

  7. I like honey in my cream of wheat and in my tea. It is sooo yummy!

  8. Colleen

    I like Bees ‘n Blossoms local honey from VA (got it at the farmer’s market) – hey have great honey. My current favorite is their Spiced Creamed Honey (raw honey with cinnamon and cloves) – I enjoy it most mixed with plain or vanilla yogurt and fresh fruit like pineapples, pears, peaches, or apples. This spiced honey is addictive!

    As for regular honey, I most often have it on Wasa rye flatbread spread with a little natural peanut butter, topped with a drizzle of honey. Great snack; good post-workout too.

  9. bunnyb

    I love it in my tea, and I have a teaspoonful every morning just like that! Cute tee!

  10. Samantha

    My favorite thing to do with honey this summer is make honeyhito’s… Mojito’s with honey instead of sugar… way yummier and so refreshing!

  11. Rindy Robberstad

    I can’t think of anything better then toast some bread, load it with lots of peanut butter and spread generously with yummy honey! I call this my PBee sandwich! I think I’ll buzz off and make one right now………………

  12. Bobi

    Best recipe to dip in honey:
    Peanut Butter sticks
    6 slices white bread with crust removed
    1/2 cup peanut butter
    1/4 cup oil
    2/3 cup graham cracker crumbs
    cut each piece of white bread into 5 sticks. Place on cookie sheet. Toast at 250 for 30 minutes. Mix peanut butter and oil over low heat. Dip each toasted stick into mixture and roll to coat in graham crumbs. Let cool. Store in air tight container. Use honey as dip for these sticks.

  13. melissamccart

    I use it to start yeast in pizza dough instead of sugar. . . .

  14. Meghan Dahl

    My favorite use for honey is in a Hot Tottie when you have a sore throat. Perfect!!

  15. I like to use honey in hot lemonade in the winter…nothing is better for a sore throat or a little comfort when you are feeling sick. Just a little lemon juice, honey and hot water and you’re good to go!

    I also make some killer honey wheat dinner rolls…they taste like magic!

  16. foodietots

    I have my local VA honey almost daily in yogurt, tea and/or coffee, but I’m currently infatuated with the honey frosting at Buzz and planning to try to recreate it at home this weekend. (Buzz is celebrating “Don’t Step on a Bee” day again this year on July 10, btw.)

  17. Daniel

    I like putting it in homemade yogurt, its great on a warm morning.

  18. Alexa

    I love using honey in my breakfast parfait. Into a glass dish I put about a cup of homemade plain yogurt, a handful of whole almonds, half a sliced banana and top it all off with some golden honey. It looks beautiful and tastes even better!

  19. I use Honey to mix my Son’s Ayurvedic medicine. My DH loves honey as a topping on his Apple,Banana, Coconut dessert.

  20. Frankie

    Honey is great for allergies. We have hives on our property, and harvest honey every year. Putting it in hot tea and on peanut butter toast are a few great ways to eat it. But have hundreds of other uses. They get little credit for all their wonder.
    Thank you,

  21. Cyndi

    I love drizzling honey over Greek yogurt and crushed almonds! It is usually what I eat for breakfast each morning.

  22. Lillie

    Ooohh I want to win – I like honey on my toast!

  23. Nora

    I eat honey off my finger or suck it off honeycomb

  24. trueepicure

    1. Toast a piece of good french or italian bread;
    2. spread mascarpone cheese on the bread;
    3. slice up a few strawberries or other fruit in season and put on top of cheese;
    4 drizzle honey on top;
    5. snarf the whole thing in about 3 seconds flat!

  25. The best honey drips straight from the comb on a sultry summer evening, when I’m pulled up in my lawn chair watching all the action at the hive entrance.

    Freeze it on a popsicle stick for a savory, cold delight!

    Suburban Beekeeper
    Silver Spring, MD

  26. Master Gardener of Bees

    I have a pollinator garden and attract alot of pollinators.. Our use for honey is in tea, hot or cold and for baking..

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