The Easiest Frozen Yogurt You’ll EVER Make

Last night a stroke of genius struck! (Well actually it was just me being in a lazy mood, which led to this experiment) I new there had to be an easy way to make frozen yogurt… All the recipes I’ve come across call for mixing a ton of ingredients together before ever putting the yogurt in the ice cream maker and I was having none of it.

So, I got the ice cream maker out and dumped in one large container of low-fat vanilla yogurt and turned it on. And can you believe it – I had frozen yogurt that tastes just as good as Sweet Green. And then just because it was too healthy, I crushed up a bunch of Newman’s Own Oreos – DELICIOUS!

Here’s the “recipe”

Homemade Cookies and Cream Frozen Yogurt

1 large container yogurt (I used low-fat)
1 cup crushed sandwich cookies

Make frozen yogurt by dumping the whole container in an ice cream maker (follow directions for your machine) and let run for 15 minutes. Add sandwich cookies (we are talking about Oreo’s here) and continue running machine for 1-3 minutes more or until incorporated.




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3 responses to “The Easiest Frozen Yogurt You’ll EVER Make

  1. zeynepankara

    Very interesting and clever idea!!

  2. Sarah Higgins

    awesome…. I so need to get an icecream maker…xD

  3. How cool is that (no pun intended). Clever quick way to make a great at-home treat. Personally I’m going to try it with vanilla yogurt and fresh cut-up peaches. We’ve always made vanilla ice cream with fresh cut-up peaches and the flavor is amazing!! Way too yummy! 😉

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