In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Boston Globe Bean Town “Local coffee aficionados use everything from pots to popcorn poppers to pricey machines to join the home roasting boom.”

4. – The Chicago Tribune Recipe Deal Breakers “I was reading a recipe for apple strudel when I came to a sentence that stopped me cold: “If you don’t have a helper,” it began. If a dish needs a helper, I need to move on.”

3. – The LA Times Get Fired Up: Camp Cooking Never Tasted So Good! “We’re not talking backpacking; these recipes are designed to make the most of a couple of time-honored kitchen-on-the-range tools: a cast-iron skillet and a Dutch oven. But you don’t have to bring along the kitchen sink. The camp cook’s keys to success are smart planning and on-the-spot ingenuity.”

2. – The NY TImes A Garlic Festival Without a Single Clove “Their graceful form gives few clues about their function. Garlic scapes are pencil thin and exuberantly loopy, and emanate a clean and mildly garlicky scent. At the top of each is a tightly closed but bulging bud. I contemplated sticking them in a vase with the peonies, but ultimately realized I’d rather eat them.”

1. – Washington Post I Can’t Believe I Bought the Whole Thing “It was a cold February day, but David Fox had the air conditioning on full blast as he sped up Interstate 81 toward Washington. He was freezing, despite his gloves, jacket, scarf and ski hat, and his breath fogged the air inside his Acura MDX. But Fox’s priority was the 16 boxes in the back. Inside them were 262 pounds of meat: Fox’s very own side of beef. And he had to keep it cold.”


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