From the Kitchen of: Kevin Villalovos

Chef de Cuisine Kevin Villalovos of CURE Bar and Bistro in the Grand Hyatt Washington answers our tireless questions.

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?
Micro-Shaver & Spice Grinder

What is the most overrated food/technique in restaurants today?
Old school sauces like demi, heavy creams, and foams.

If you were to open a restaurant with a different type of cuisine than what you are cooking now, what would it be?
Southwest comfort food in a healthy way. The name would be “Like grandma should had made it “

What is your favorite local product or purveyor to work with?
I like to support our local farmers, dairy, (domestic cheeses) produce, cattle, hog, and fowl any thing I can get regional.

What is your biggest customer pet peeve?
Sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly, in order to make a good experience great, and bad experience better.

What do you drink/eat after work?
A good beer and five guys, Georgetown Cafe, The Diner @ Adams Morgan or just a good bottle of wine on the patio.

What is your favorite thing to cook at home?
Soups with a nice slice of French or sourdough bread and a chunk of good cheese.

For a great summer soup…

Chilled English Pea with Mint

10 Sprigs of mint, leaves only
1 pound fresh English peas
3/4 cup creme fraiche
2 tbs toasted almonds

Add the mint leaves to a medium sauce pan of boiling salted water. Bring back to a boil, then add the peas and blanch for 2 to 4 minuets until they are just tender and still bright green. Drain and reserve the liquor.
(let cool) place the peas and the mint in a blender with about 3.5 cups of the liquor and blend smooth serve in a chilled bowl and top with creme fraich and toasted almonds. this is great for summer.

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  1. bob

    hee. liquor on the brain?

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