Sneak Peek – Part 2

Last week I mentioned a bit of filming that I am involved for a new TV show… Here is a bit more of a sneak peek – the final details will come when I know an air date!

Any guesses on what the show is?


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9 responses to “Sneak Peek – Part 2

  1. Oh Man! I am really curious. Is that Whole Foods in the background of the 2nd photo? You should give clues or something fun like that.

  2. Is it for the new Emeril show?

  3. It does happen to be Whole Foods in the background…

  4. Tubbo & Dubba Tubba

    AHHHHHHHHH! You gotta tell us more! Two sneak peaks isn’t enough… It’s never enough…

    Please check out our site! It’s awesome, amazing, astronomical, etc. ect. etc.

    See ya ’round! We WILL see ya ’round.
    ~The Tubbo Twins

    Did you notice the little curvy thing (~) in front of our name? Isn’t that a nice touch?

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