Favorite “Not So Gourmet” Indulgences

After the overwhelming response to Calling All Food Snobs… last week, we thought it would be fun to put together a list of our favorite not so gourmet indulgences.

Here are the rules…

  • Must contain at least one artificial ingredient
  • Must not be healthy
  • No hating… I know each and every one of you has at least one crappy food vice!

So, without any further ado, here’s my list!

5. Fruit Rollups

4. Tatertots

3. Nachos and Chips from any sporting event…
(I can’t resist that stupid fake cheese!)

2. Cheetos (Are you seeing a trend yet?)

1. Velveeta Cheese (I have to admit – I LOVE LOVE LOVE melted Velveeta!)


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13 responses to “Favorite “Not So Gourmet” Indulgences

  1. I really truly won’t bring this stuff home. But if I am eating outside my kitchen, though, I bend the rules. Especially if there’s:

    Hot dogs
    Fig Newtons
    Birthday Cake
    Candy Bars

    and I love to drink Gatorade after a race

  2. Oh boy…I can’t believe I’m going to confess that I like (and—shhhhhh!—sometimes bring home):

    1. frozen fish sticks
    2. barbecue-flavored potato chips (I’d pretty much eat any potato chip placed in front of me)
    3. Snickers
    4. Doritos
    5. Rice Krispies Treats cereal

  3. Mmmmm. EVERYthing is better with that cheese-like-stuff on it! Broccoli, tator tots, nachos, toast, chips, celery, potatoes, fries, even cheese sticks, pretzels… Okay, I could go on, but I think I want some cheese now!

  4. Oh, sorry, my list.
    5. cake frosting
    4. refried beans from the taco stand
    3. frozen jalapeno poppers
    2. twizzlers
    1. cool whip…. what is that, anyway???

  5. 5. Tastykakes
    4. Squirt cheese- cheese in a can
    3. Summer sausage
    2. Fritos
    1. Canned tamales- what’s with those paper wrapers?

    I can never run for president after this…

  6. performancedownhill

    I have to chuckle at your LOVE for the foods of the heart. I too love foods…there is so much fun and love-a-lots-lovin’ in cookin’!

    I think you have a great in site to how food and love do connect, and certainly connects other to you.


    Alayah Skyy
    President / Owner

  7. DocChuck


    Even though she is a busy and successful operator of laser hair removal salons, she still makes time to set this up in the moring so it will be ready for me by the time I get up.

  8. Oooh, must I limit it to 5?

    1) McDonald’s French Fries
    2) Shearer’s Kettle Cooked Chips
    3) Ruffles (they have ridges, you know)
    4) Fritos
    5) Did I mention chips? Maybe I should just eat straight salt mixed in oil.

  9. Debra in DC

    I just found out that “Tastespotting” is no longer operating! I am so upset, I may have to indulge in the items on the following list in great quantities. All at the same time.

    5) Cheetos
    4) Orange Julius (there must be something artificial in there, right?)
    3) Tamales (mmm, right from the can to the microwave, topped with sour cream)
    2) Fritos
    1) Hot Dogs

  10. 5) Star Crunch (or any of the other Little Debbie line)
    4) Carvel Ice Cream Cake (Ice Cream shaped like a whale? Sign me up!)
    3) Burger King Hamburgers (It’s the mustard that makes it better)
    2) Cream Cheese Frosting (Apply directly to mouth and thighs)
    1) Bagel Bites (Because you don’t have time for both pizza and a bagel, or you’re too drink to realize the difference)

  11. Jackie

    1. Captain Crunch
    2. Chocolate Teddy Grahams
    3. York Peppermint Patties
    4. Cold Stone
    5. Gummy Bears

  12. 1. Chik-Fil-A sweet tea
    2. cold Reese’s cups (from the fridge)
    3. french onion dip – the cheap kind.
    4. McDonald’s fries & apple pies the old way when they used to deep fry them. They still do them this way in France and my husband and I went back several times for an apple pie and a bad beer. It was amazing.
    5. kettle corn

  13. Michele

    5. Cheese Curls (Utz brand)
    4. Cheese Popcorn
    3. Ring Dings
    2. Wawa Apple Fritters (really bad)
    1. Dairy Queen Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch Blizzard

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