Tip of the Day: Cooking with Cheese

I love cooking with cheese – it lends a nice creaminess to dishes while packing quite a punch of flavor. Here are a couple of tips to ensure the best results when cooking with cheese.

  • To keep cheese from becoming tough and stringy, cook it at low temperatures and always add the cheese at the end of the cooking time.
  • Cheese melts and blends better if you shred it or cut it into small pieces.
  • To shred cheese with soft texture, use a grater with large holes, or finely chop it.
  • Lower-fat cheeses don’t melt well.
  • When grilling/baking cheese-topped dishes, keep a close eye on them, because the cheese melts fast.
  • Cheese microwaves well, but use lower power settings.


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5 responses to “Tip of the Day: Cooking with Cheese

  1. I love cheesy omlettes and I am going to try out your tip of adding it later on and heat it at a lower temperature.

  2. Amelia

    I love panir (paneer). It’s a soft Indian cheese that usually comes cubed in side dishes and appetizers at ethnic restaurants. It has a kind of “squeaky” quality about it when you bite into it. It’s very mild and tasty with palak (a spinach dish) and tikka (a kind of barbeque).

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  4. We would like to feature your tips on Chef’s Tip. The best part is you don’t even need to register or sign up. Please email me at chefstip@gmail.com if interested. Thank you 🙂


  5. Try the omelet with Old Amsterdam… is really remarkable!

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