What’s in season where you live?

Epicurious has put together this interactive map that allows you to select your state and any month of the year to see what the freshest ingredients are in your area.

Looks like asparagus, spinach and strawberries are the winners for May in DC!

Check it out – it also gives ingredient descriptions, shopping guides, recipes and tips!


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2 responses to “What’s in season where you live?

  1. Thanks for the great link. Here’s another one to check out that I wrote about in my blog: http://mouseinspace.blogspot.com/2008/05/scrummiest-veg.html
    I live in London and I think that the site I found is specific to the UK only, so I am excited to check out the Epicurious list as well.

  2. Thanks for posting this awesome resource. I’ve just become a locavore (isn’t that such a funny term?) and this will be really helpful.
    Great blog!

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