In Print: Clips from Food Sections

5. – Baltimore Sun Gas Up, Chow Down “If you’re a pay-at-the-pump patron like me, you probably don’t get inside gas stations often. So you might be surprised to learn that they now offer far more than leathery wieners set on rollers. At finer gas stations, you’ll discover fruit. Yes, fruit. Uncanned and still in its skin. You’ll find salads, hoagies, subs, wraps, fried chicken, vegetable snacks and … hmmm, sushi?”

4. – Chicago Tribune Ready, Set… grill! “Memorial Day officially welcomes those fragrant curls of smoke that beckon barbecuers to hit the deck and fire up the grill. About 76 percent of consumers prefer to cook outside on the grill during warmer months…”

3. – Denver Post No-heat methods Not a new thing “Humans have devised ways of preparing and preserving food, sans heat, almost since humans started eating. Ancient Egyptians pickled fish and melons. Hippocrates spoke of the healing powers of vinegar in the fifth century B.C. None other than Christopher Columbus introduced pigs to this continent, and early Americans preserved their meat as salt pork. Today, we still use many ancient no-heat methods to produce some of our favorite flavors.”

2. – The Register-Guard Summer Squeeze “After nearly a decade in the lemonade business, Josh Thomas is looking forward to handing off some of his responsibilities to a successor. But he’ll probably wait until his brother turns 4, the same age he was when he opened his award-winning stand.”

1. – NY Times Ban Lifted, Foie Gras is Back on the Menu in Chicago “On Wednesday, Chicago’s aldermen voted, 37 to 6, to repeal their ban on sales of the controversial delicacy, the fattened livers of ducks and geese. Since 2006, when this became the first major city in the United States to enact such a ban, it had been mocked by critics…”

photo from the Associated Press


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