All About: Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemons are a sweeter, slightly orange variety of lemon that can be used in all of the ways you would use a lemon, but are especially wonderful for desserts and lemonades. In honor of the upcoming summer months, here are five fast facts about the bright and sunny citrus fruit:

1) The Meyer lemon was discovered by and named for Frank Meyer in 1908.

2) Meyer Lemons originated in China, as did most citrus.

3) This slightly rounded and sweeter variety of the tart fruit is actually believed to be a hybrid of a lemon and an orange or mandarin.

4) Meyer Lemon trees are one of the easiest fruit trees to grow (if you are willing to bring it in during the winter), and flower frequently throughout the year, making them a lovely house plant in winter and a great way to experiment with growing your own food!

5) In the U.S. these orchards are mainly located in California, though they are also popular in Texas, where they have been renamed “Valley Lemons”

For a great article with recipes and ideas for using this succulent fruit visit L.A. Times article: 100 things to do with a Meyer Lemon

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