In Print: Clips From Food Sections

5. – NY Times Cookbook Publishers Try to Think Small “In the last few years, the children’s cookbook market has moved beyond all-encompassing tomes from Betty Crocker or Better Homes and Gardens. Increasingly customized by age, books now teach toddlers to make lettuce wraps and older children to make entire meals. Some predict that cookbooks for teenagers will be the next break-out category.”

4. – Chicago Sun-Times A Proper Pour“While American beer once meant light lager, today it encompasses a wide array of flavors concocted by innovative craft brewers whose varieties — and, in some cases, alcohol content — approach the breadth of wine and spirits. In fact, there’s now so much to learn about beer styles and how to serve them that the president of the Craft Beer Institute, Ray Daniels, has launched a sort of beer sommelier certification program.”

3. – LA Times Recipes Like Mom Used to Teach “If that sounds confusing, it was as clear as HDTV on my computer screen. The videos proliferating like morels on countless websites are the ultimate do-it-yourself cooking lessons. The quality can be stunning, the information easy to grasp, the entertainment value priceless. Watch filmmaker Robert Rodriguez make tortillas from scratch on YouTube and you may never buy the supermarket kind again.”

2. – The Washington Post Wild Treasure Hunt “To be sure, morel season is upon us: In the mid-Atlantic region, Morchella start appearing in early spring and last through mid-May, longer if the weather stays wet and cool… And when the mushrooms begin to pop up, so do the avid pickers.”

1. – The Orlando Sentinel What to do when food goes wrong “No one is immune from the occasional food flop. Experienced cooks as well as novices will encounter a sauce that breaks or a fudge that fails. Before you weep along with your meringue, we’ve pulled together some of our best test-kitchen tips on how to avoid food flubs. We’ve even provided creative ways to salvage tough-as-leather roasts, baked cakes that come out of pans in clumps, and overpowering seasonings in soups and sauces. After all, with the rising cost of ingredients, it makes more sense to find solutions than feed the garbage disposal.”


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