In Print – Clips from Food Sections

5. – The Boston Globe Cakes Baked with Care in a Time of War “Kaye’s company, Bake Me a Wish!, has been sending cakes to and from US troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan. About 10,000 cakes have gone over as part of Operation Birthday Cake.”

4. – LA Times Farmers Markets: the next generation ‘ “As farmers age and retire, markets need new blood. A new generation of growers is appearing: idealistic newcomers, immigrants and family following in their parents’ footsteps.”

3. – Cape Cod Times Mom’s Recipes – gift that keeps on giving “As you think about what to get Mom for Mother’s Day on Sunday, don’t forget all the delicious meals – and memories – she’s given you.”

2. – NY Times Wine’s Pleasures: Are They All in Your Head? “…in recent months American wine drinkers have taken their turn as pop culture’s punching bags. In press accounts of two studies on wine psychology, consumers have been portrayed as dupes and twits, subject to the manipulations of marketers, critics and charlatan producers who have cloaked wine in mystique and sham sophistication in hopes of better separating the public from its money.”

1. – Rocky Mountain News Grain Reign: As food habits change, so does our taste for rice “However, our rice epiphany came when we discovered basmati, jasmine, black, red – a rice world beyond long-grain white, and tasted the globe’s legendary dishes from biryani, risotto, pilaf and paella to feijoada, congee, nasi goreng, “dirty” rice and, especially, sushi.”


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