In Print on Wednesday: What the Rest of the Food World is Talking About

5. – The Washington Post The State of the Cake “No one is sure when the women of Smith started baking cakes composed of pancake-thin layers, sparingly covering the tiers with, most commonly, chocolate icing. Some say the cakes originally had as few as four layers; today the usual number is from eight to 10. Over the years, the cakes have grown higher and higher, even as the bounty of seafood in the bay declined from decades of increased pollution and overfishing.”

4. – NY Times ‘Bolt from the Blue’ on a Tuscan RedThe woes of Montalcino come on top of other scandals that have called into question the purity of some of Italy’s most famous products. On Monday, Italian police said extra virgin olive oil from seven factories had been doctored with sunflower and soybean oil. There have been concerns that mozzarella might have been contaminated because of illegal garbage dumping around Naples, and adulterated wine is said to have been found in several regions.”

3. – The Washington Times Fresh, Green and Delicious “‘Almost everyone knows how exquisite fresh bread is,” says Kenneth Davids, author of “Home Coffee Roasting.” “But the flavor and fragrance of coffee one day out of the roaster is a virtually forgotten pleasure.'”

2. – NPR Talula’s – The Toughest Reservation in the US? “Located in historic Kennett Square, a Pennsylvania town some 35 miles south of Philadelphia, Talula’s requires a full year’s wait — if you can get a reservation at all.”

1. – LA Times Treading Lighter with Low-Carbon Diets “Conscientious consumers who want to tread lightly are increasingly concerned about their own carbon footprints. They’ve changed lightbulbs. They covet a Prius more than a Porsche. Now their anxiety over global warming has shifted to the supermarket and dinner table.”

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