Lobster Sushi, not quite market-priced

Apparently even a well-dressed sushi can look like a million bucks….or at least a thousand!

Koi, a sushi restaurant in New York City, is now serving a $1,000 sushi roll, cleverly named the “high roller.” Along with the interior of sweet lobster, or langoustine, sashimi, the chef at Koi tops the roll with fois gras, vanilla/saffron butter, 200 year old balsamic, and caviar. Then prepare to mingle with the culinary master himself, as he then shaves white alba truffles, table-side.

Admittedly, I love sushi, fois gras, lobster and a well-aged balsamic. And the dish sounds does fabulous. But come on, I could get 100 rolls from Sashi Ko over the next year for the price, and with far less guilt for the damage caused to my wallet.

Come to think of it, I have been dying to roll my own sushi. Perhaps it’s time to try, of course drawing inspiration from this chic menu item!

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