In Print on Wednesdays: What the Rest of the Food World is Talking About

5. – Boston Globe Got Soy Milk? Vermont Does “Yes, soy milk in the Green Mountain State. And while you may think the prospect of producing soy milk in a region famous for its dairy cows may not attract much attention, the year-old Vermont Soy is gaining notice trying to work into the preexisting ecosystem of dairy farmers, Birkenstocked vegetarians, grainaries, and locavores.”

4. – Washington Post No Appetite for Noise “The noise from all this activity is deafening… The problem is exacerbated by a concrete countertop, bare floor, overhead speakers and the occasional crash of a plate gone astray. A bartender’s attempts to share his passion for Greek wines, which he’s pouring by the splash for us to try, might as well be in Greek. The three of us have to lean in to hear what he’s describing.”

3. – Sacramento Bee Know Sous Vide? “From chefs to chipotle, it’s hot. Vacuum-sealed food is cooked in water for long periods — with flavorful results.”

2. – Philadelphia Inquirer – Rhubarb on the Rebound “But as a trendy “new” ingredient on upscale restaurant menus on both sides of the pond, rhubarb can be found served as a sauce or condiment with fish – especially salmon, a pairing of long standing, and sea bass – and with some meats, often pork or duck, for which rhubarb’s tart-sweet taste is a refreshing complement.  That’s right, rhubarb is not just Grandma’s favorite filling anymore. It has been reborn, one might say, as the darling of gourmet chefs.”

1. – NY Times Latest College Reading Lists: Menus with Pho and Lobster “As recently as 10 years ago, a typical campus dining experience was a cafeteria offering overcooked meat, canned vegetables and instant mashed potatoes. But as palates grow more sophisticated and admissions become more competitive, many top colleges are paying attention to dining rooms as well as classrooms.  For students who are now hearing from the top-tier colleges, picking a destination can be partly a matter of taste.”


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