In Print on Wednesdays: What the Rest of the Food World is Talking About

1207144334_0044.jpg5. – Boston Globe The Real First Course “Bread is the staff of life, the thing we all work to put on the table. At restaurants, it’s a promise of what’s to come in the meal ahead. Good bread, with good butter or olive oil, makes us anticipate the food. It is, in essence, the real first course – the appetizer’s appetizer. But stale, uninspired white bread; limp pieces with crust that whimpers rather than crunches; bread that tastes like cotton batting: These things do not inspire confidence. The breadbasket is a culinary welcome mat. Sometimes it gets pulled out from under us.”

4. – The Dallas Morning News Could a Raw-Food Diet have an Impact on Cancer Survival? ” ‘What you could say about a raw-foods diet and cancer risk or cancer treatment could be something that’s extrapolated and kind of surmised,’ she says, ‘based upon the body of evidence related to diet and cancer in general.’ “

3. – LA Times Gin Cocktails Make a Splashy Comeback “GIN cocktails are having a moment. Now that gin, no longer shouldered aside by vodka, has reclaimed its rightful place in classic cocktails — not just in the martini but in the Greyhound, the Bronx, even (according to some) the Red Snapper, a.k.a. the Bloody Mary”

2. – North County Times – Tips for Storing Cheese at Home “You could drive yourself nuts worrying about the best way to store cheese. Many experts say the only acceptable method is using specialty cheese paper, the heavy-duty, breathable paper used at cheese shops.”

1. – NY Times You Use It Every Day, but can you make it cook “Your microwave oven can be put to use in more ways than just reheating coffee or softening ice cream.”
image from The Boston Globe


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