In Print on Wednesday: What the Rest of the Food World is Talking About

5. – Washington Post In Trial Run, Chipotle Heads to the Farm “When Chipotle Mexican Grill executives decided to begin serving local pork from one of the most famous farmers in America, they did the opposite of what most big companies would do when jumping on the latest trend. They said nothing.”

4. – San Francisco Chronicle Kids’ Menus Grow Up “However, some older kids do reach for their parents’ foie gras. Michael Mina, who has 6- and 10-year-old boys, notices that kids start to develop more of an interest in adult fare after age 8 and will even order the chef’s tasting menu. ‘We find that some of our best diners are kids,’ says Rich Wood, owner Wood Tavern in Oakland, who estimates children are 5 per cent of his clientele. ‘One kid from the neighborhood walks by the restaurant and checks that the pork belly is on the menu. He comes in and wolfs down the pork belly.’ ”

3. – The Providence Journal Use Common Sense when Coping with Food Costs “How are you coping with the rising cost of food? That was the question and readers responded with lots of thoughts but one stands out — cook from scratch.”

2. – The Pittsburgh Tribune – Review Bad boy Bourdain “He ridicules Food Network’s Rachael Ray and Guy Fieri, has poked fun at Emeril Lagasse and doesn’t have very nice things to say about his latest dining and travel excursion to Romania.”

1. – NY Times Can Sips at Home Prevent Binges? “Little guidance is offered to parents on teaching teenagers about the pleasures of wine with a meal without endorsing reckless behavior.”


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