Spring Cleaning in the Garden

garden-hand-tools-00.jpgIt’s that time of the year… The weeds are spouting and if you don’t get in the garden soon, they are bound to take over! Here are a few tips from The District Domestic and Susan Poneman, owner, head floral designer and garden enthusiast from Heavenly Hydrangeas Floral Design.

– pull out weeds while the ground is moist and soft. If weeds are eliminated now, their seeds will not be blown around and spread once the warmer weather comes.

– rake dead leaves and mow them for nature’s best mulch to spread in your beds. These leaf pieces will decompose in garden beds and supply healthy nutrients to the soil. If your schedule does not permit mowing leaves to make this natural mulch, purchase at your hardware store or nursery and spread a thin layer in garden beds to reduce weeds and retain moisture.

– re-edge the borders of garden beds for a neat presentation.

– start thinking about and planning your plantings. Think about your garden conditions: sunlight, soil, location (front or back of house, poolside, window box or container). Then decide whether you would like perennials for yearly pleasure or annuals for seasonal color, or a combination of both.

– walk around the garden, neighborhood or park and enjoy the blooming forsythia, narcsisus, snowdrops, and anticipate the magnolia and cherry blossoms.

Happy Spring Gardening!


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