In Print on Wednesday: What the Rest of the Food World is Talking About

5. – LA Times The Secret Life of Jelly Beans “AH, the colors of spring — bright red, blazing yellow and vivid green; deep purple, brilliant blue, pink dashed with scarlet — all scattered around in little semi-orbs, like the eggs of impossibly brilliant birds. This is the season of the jelly bean. And it’s getting baroque in bean land. Forget plain lemon and cherry. You can get assortments in as many as 50 flavors — including margarita — or you can order a single flavor (say French vanilla) by the pound.”

4. – Chicago Tribune Crazy for Absinthe “After an absence of nearly 100 years, absinthe is back — with a vengeance. The lifting of the U.S. ban, which dates to 1912, has opened a floodgate. Four brands of the anise-flavored liqueur with the sinister reputation are already on the market and nearly two dozen await approval”

3. – NY Times The Fat Pack Wonders if the Party’s Over “After years of gluttony, many food journalists, chefs and others who appreciate skillful cooking and gluttonous feasting are finding that their bodies can’t keep up.”

2. – The Philadelphia Inquirer Hunkier Beef “When it comes to beef, some restaurants are finding that bigger is better and that bigger and better is best.”

1. – Washington Post As Tastes Change, So Does the Big Pink Meat on the Table “Holiday hams are an evolving breed. Don’t let the familiar shiny glazes and foil wrapping fool you into thinking otherwise. Over the past four decades, American consumers have nudged the ham trade to start with leaner hogs, fiddle with the meat’s appearance and increase the convenience of a product they buy in bulk no more than once or twice a year.”

image from LA Times

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