CSAs in DC

chard_416_detail.jpgThere are several options for joining a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) program here in DC. In case you aren’t familiar with CSAs, members pay a fixed fee for the year to join, then reap the benefits of the farm’s bounty on a weekly basis. Generally paid in advance, the money provides working capital to small family farms so farmers can earn a living wage while providing urban families with fresh and often organic produce. For the most part, produce is harvested just a day or two before delivering to members and includes a range of seasonal fruits and vegetables, often including rare heirloom varieties not found in grocery stores.

A couple of CSAs open for membership in the DC area include:

Bull Run Mountain Vegetable Farm – $360/share, pickup in Alexandria, Centerville, Dupont, Falls Church and Manassas

Clagett Farm – $460-500/share, pickup in Upper Marlboro and Dupont

Spiritual Food for the New Millennium – $850/share for 26 weeks, pickup in Arlington, Capital Hill and Bethesda

Fresh and Local CSA – $500/share, also have flower, egg, chicken memberships available, pickup in Tenleytown, Arlington, Bethesda and Silver Spring

Karl’s Farm – $550/share, pickup in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, College Park, Silver Spring and Takoma Park

Even’ Star Organic Farms – $25/week, pickup in Bethesda, South Arlington, Town Creek, University Park

Great Country Farms – $889/share, delivery only

And if you live outside of the DC metropolitan area, check out Local Harvest to find CSAs in your area!


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6 responses to “CSAs in DC

  1. We joined Clagett Farm CSA for the first time last year – it was our first CSA experience. We thought it was great, even though we heard from the farm and friends that the haul was significantly less than previous years, mostly due to drought.

    We’re excited to being doing it again this season. I’m so anxious for spring greens!

  2. houndstooth1

    This is a great resource for CSA’s. I’ve thought about joining, but I love going to my area farmers markets to experience the farmers and their products.
    Can’t wait til Spring..asparagus, ramps, strawberries…!

  3. I used Bull Run Mountain Vegetable Farm 2 summers ago and recommend it. Always on time, fresh picked that day, and variety was good (sometimes got very offbeat veggies and had to really reach for recipes). The tomatoes, basil, potatoes, eggplants, zucchini, greens, onions, and garlic were always perfect. From week to week, there were little treats and different produce, and was overall a good experience!

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